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Online Courses Provider For Recreational Therapists

Title: Online Courses Provider For Recreational Therapists
Description: Our SMART Instructors are the fuel that makes SMART CEUs Hub run They are passionate experts of Recreational Therapy in their respective settings. They help to bridge the gap of education after graduation with the Recreational Therapy degree. They are motivated individuals who want to propel our profession further while earning a monthly residual income for their work. If you feel you have something valuable to share with the rest of the profession, and have a desire to earn a monthly residual income for courses that you create, then we would love to hear from you! We are not a one man or woman show! Our team consists of many parts pushing forward together to improve the online CE experience for Recreational Therapists everywhere. The majority of our team consists of Recreational Therapy Experts who we call our SMART Instructors. They are Recreational Therapists who have both a passion to teach a broad TR audience and have extensive experience in various areas of TR. We also have a top notch social media expert, an awesome RT Newsletter writer, some amazing tech dudes, and our founder Nathan Lamaster, who steers the ship.
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